Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Solaris ls problem: Value too large for defined data type

This is NFS file time stamp problem.

Solution 1:
echo nfs_allow_preepoch_time/W1 adb -wk

Solution 2: change file /etc/system and reboot (permanent change)
set nfs:nfs_allow_preepoch_time = 1

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why every time I start my computer, I have to repair the wireless connection.

My user told me that every time she turned on her laptop, she had to repair her laptop wireless connection, and wireless automatic connection not working.
I searched whole internet for the solution, but none of them works.
Some say run " netsh winsock reset", some say check power management, firewall and internet security software.

Finally, I figured it out that the problem is caused by the wireless management software.
After you choose let Windows system to manage the wireless network, the vendor tools should be totally stopped doing anything about the wireless adaptor. But somehow it does not working fine during the stage of computer boot up.

Solution: Totally remove the vendor wireless network management tools from your computer.